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What is Eye Kandy?

EYE KANDY comes in 60 colors!

F - for "Fine" - are larger glitter particles that sparkle alot.  These are best used for liners or accents. 

SF - for "Super FIne" - are smaller glitter particles that work best for an all over glitter such as shadow or on your lips.

 S - for "Sugar" - are irridescent glitters that can be used for highlighting near your eye brow or lips.

Eye Kandy contains no metallics or glass. It is made of polyester plastic and color and is safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses! *Samantha* has both sensitive skin and contacts and she wears the sparkles 24-7 (really!).

The secret is the Liquid Sugar base adhesive. Once glitter is applied using this stay-put base, it will stay on all day! Just dip your brush in the adhesive, dip it in the pot of glitter, and brush it on. It doesn't sweat off, doesn't hurt if the solution gets in your eye, and looks phenomenal! No flaking!