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How much Does Eye Kandy cost?

We are currently selling the 60 standard Eye Kandy colors for $8 each.

At shows we will always have a few special surprise colors for sale too (some are $9 - $10 if the proceeds go to charity)

In addition to selling the glitters individually we sell kits (1 color of your choice, Liquid Sugar base coat, 1 application brush and a carrying case for $25!) With a kit purchase each additional color is just $6

Can I Return Eye Kandy?

No.  First, we're not sure why you'd ever want to part with the lovely sparkles, but we cannot honor a refund or exchange once the sparkles are sold. Since Eye Kandy is makeup it would unsanitary to resell it once it's opened. Sorry!

At vending events we accept cash or check only, no credit cards.